Style Definition

My style is simple and elegant. But it can sometimes be a little “boho” like on What I have learned over time as a fashion lover and what has led me to my style definition is the fact that I have come to terms with whom I am as a person and what my body type, shape, and color is. I have my embraced my particularity and have taken the responsibility to define myself in my own terms. I have realized that if I can not find the words to define myself and my style I should not expect anyone else to do so for me.

I learned on this journey that the most enjoyable way to approach fashion is by becoming wholly aware of how one´s body and mindset really are and look like. I realised I should aim only for those pieces that flatter my particular body type and mindset. I keep an eye on today´s fashion but I also make sure to go only for those pieces that I don´t yet have in my wardrobe. As I shop for pieces I constantly do a flashback to the classic pieces that I have in my wardrobe and make sure whatever else I shop shall only come as a complement to what I already have.


IMG_7839Thus, when I approach these pieces I often ask yourself what and how they will combine to the rest of my collection at home.

As time goes on I shall elaborate more on this topic. But feel free to post any questions or comments.

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