Just call me Angy Nans.

IMG_1001How are you doing? I hope you are doing well. It’s great that for some reason you came to fall on this page. Well, I’m lucky to have you here :), and I appreciate you being here. I hope, wholeheartedly that you leave my rambling world with a bit of order in yours. I have always wanted and pursued perfection – but for some reason the more I want to do things perfectly I ended up not doing anything. So I’ll use the chaos theory- whatever that means – I know however that there is one, to create this blog. And I’ll encourage you to do same. Whatever it is you have been postponing- just sit down or get up depending on what is expected of you and just do it. Perfection will come in the doing- at least that is what I think and hope as I put down these words.

Well As for who I am, to start my birthday is the 18th of January 1978… sounds quite old- but I plan on staying young till 90 ;). So you are in time to send me the best wishes in the comments and messages….. and all that which people do these days for one’s birthday. It will be well appreciated. Actually, since I intend to live each day as it comes from now hence- I plan to celebrate my Bday every day as I believe each day is a gift from the UNIVERSE.

This is a topic most people will shy away from. But why? It’s just another topic like any other and everyone has a right to an opinion. I was born a catholic and I express my religion as a catholic since that’s what I was raised up in. But at this point in life, I do not believe in churches. I believe in the goodness of people- in the goodness of the human race as a whole. We all have our preferences, that is a sure fact. But loving and respecting each other is the best religion that ever existed and I call on everyone who comes across this blog to try and do same. By doing so we will make world peace a bit more feasible. Let’s try to see the unifying factor that lies beneath all our “apparent” differences. Let´s forget race, religion and politics and just see the goodness that lies in one another.

AN Blondie

Los rizos

I am the 1st of 7 siblings, 2 boys, and 5 girls. I was raised with a cousin who is like a sister to me (- so I should say I’m the second of 8 kids since she is an elder to me. Well take it as you want. 7 or 8, does it make any difference?) I have lived in two continents. Africa and now Europe where I am settled permanently. I come from Cameroon, have lived in Spain and now settled in Sweden, a beautiful country like the rest two which I hope I’ll get to talk about in the course of this journey. To speak the truth I do not know where the journey will lead to but I’ll just keep walking, that’s what matters to me. I have a degree in English and French from Buea University (Cameroon), a validated English degree from Valencia University (Spain) A Degree in Tourism from Valencia University and currently finishing a Master’s Degree in Human Geography from Umeå Universitet (Sweden).

I’m single and as most +30s wonder where my other half, “my sweet pea” is hiding :). It’s normal to get into such a mindset especially if one wants to settle down someday. It’s not like I hate or want celibacy for life. But, while am single I enjoy every single moment of it as it is a beautiful stage in life. Once you lose it you start craving for it- I guess that happens in most life cycles. People will think I’m desperate to settle down. No. I just know it’s okay to do so when the right one comes along. Until he does, or until we meet life goes on. Those things happen when people meet at the right time, the right mindset, want the same things and all that. So while single I’ll just go ahead and do what singles do. Be single and enjoy the abundant single jewels of life. And…..What more will you want to know? I love movies, singing dancing, writing, traveling and just chilling with friends and family. I love Apple products… all of them + apps! That’s my vice I bet. I love partying for a few hours but above 5hrs I usually want to go back and be home. Rare? I don’t know. I don’t care; that’s me and I plan to be and remain me. And You?

Well well, in this blog, roughly speaking I’ll talk about my daily occurrences, opinions, life lessons, joys sorrows, curiosities, my career and studies.  The aim will be for someone out there to read all these and know that life goes on, no matter the ups and downs we encounter on life’s path. Our daily life is what makes up our life. So why not live each of these days to the full.


The Lesson I want to pass on this blog is this: NO ONE should ever take away your happiness. You should never allow anyone do that to you. The power of your happiness is in your own hands.

Stay tuned.

Love, Peace and Hugs.

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